Jul 6, 2006

Handshake maintenance and foot repair

Making spa services manly.
GLENN TORREGIANI'S idea of pampering himself is sipping Scotch and puffing a cigar. But there he was one recent afternoon, having a shampoo, a haircut, a shoe shine and a manicure, and relaxing with a steaming hot towel draped over his face at John Allan's Club in Midtown Manhattan. Chasing it down with an ice-cold beer.

In this post-metrosexual era, more men around the United States are wrapping themselves in terry cloth robes at spas and requesting treatments that might have been deemed unbecoming for a man just a few years ago.

But increasingly, they are doing it in a traditionally manly setting: in a clublike atmosphere, some with dark-wood and leather d├ęcor, large-screen televisions, sports programming and beer. Not to mention the presence of beautiful women.

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