Jul 6, 2006

Richardson: Let's reward the NORKs for missile strikes

First, he'd have us engage in bilateral talks, then bring in the goodies.
Diplomatic efforts with strong, high-level negotiators are the only way we have made progress on dealing with this rogue nation in the past. I saw this when I successfully led face-to-face negotiations for the release of an American hostage from North Korea in the mid-1990s. Condemnation from the United Nations Security Council and economic sanctions from North Korea's Asian neighbors are a place to start, but we cannot afford to isolate this unpredictable nation further.


We must turn North Korea away from its nuclear brinkmanship and toward providing a stable food supply and more opportunity for its people. This means direct engagement from the highest levels in Washington employing all the tools at our disposal.


An attractive package of incentives along with strong sanctions for noncompliance would go a long way toward bringing North Korea back into the world community.

Because giving into North Korean demands has worked so well for us in the past.

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