Jul 5, 2006

Sez you!

Leo Hickman tells UK readers they mustn't take advantage of low-cost fares to Hong Kong for the sake of the planet.
But while thoughts of being able to reach the shops of Kowloon or the bars and restaurants of Lan Kwai Fong for less than the price of an open return train ticket from London to Edinburgh are hard at first to resist, resist we surely must.

This long-haul return flight represents a journey of 12,002 miles. According to ClimateCare.org and its online emissions calculator, each and every passenger taking this trip would be responsible for 2.81 tonnes of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. Just to put that in perspective, each year UK citizens are, on average, each responsible - through heating their homes, driving their cars, watching their TVs etc - for about nine tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, which means that this one return flight to Hong Kong would represent approaching one third of our annual "output".

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