Mar 7, 2006

This doesn't surprise me

"Progressive" women who identify themselves as feminists are less happy than their peers. After all, is there an unhappier woman on the planet than Naomi Wolf? Until she found Jesus, that is.
What's really going on here? The conservative explanation, of course, is that the findings suggest that women don't know what they really want (as John Tierney implied in the New York Times, and Charlotte Allen suggested in the Los Angeles Times). Feminism, they argue, has only undermined the sturdy institution of marriage for everyone. The feminist and liberal argument is that reality hasn't yet caught up to women's expectations. Women have entered the workforce, but men still haven't picked up the domestic slack—working wives continue to do 70 percent or more of the housework, according to one study. If you work hard and come home and find you have to do much more than your husband does, it's little wonder that you would be angry and frustrated.
Here's my take:
a) Progressive feminists are always looking for someone to blame: The patriarchy, the beauty industry, the corporate world for not providing adequate leave/daycare/whatever and government for not mandating adequate leave/daycare/whatever.

b) Progressive feminists believe in utopian schemes that can redress those perceived imbalances.

The rest of us don't. Our husbands are as sloppy, our kids as demanding and our jobs as difficult as the progressive women's are, but we don't believe that everything would be different if the government mandated that our husbands put their socks in the hamper.

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