Feb 17, 2006

The power of pink

Robin Givhan is back to deconstructing the clothing of politicians now that fashion week is over. This time she's looking at Dick Cheney's interview with Brit Hume. She's got her eye on Cheney's pink tie.
It was intriguing to see Cheney in pink. He has never given the impression of being the sort of gentleman who would get involved with pastels, being neither a preppy nor a dandy nor a man willing to give five seconds' worth of thought to the topic of "style."


Cheney's pink four-in-hand registered in the manner of pigtails on a gangsta rapper. In the parlance of hip-hop, the look is full of macho swagger and the not-so-subtle suggestion that even with the hairdo of a pre-adolescent girl, the rapper is still the toughest thing standing in the room. The incongruous sartorial flourish is a display of irony and confidence.
That Dick Cheney--macho in pink.

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