Jan 12, 2006

'Wetlands, wetlands, wetlands'

An overriding concern of the eco-friendly left--unless George Bush has anything to do with restoring them. Jay Nordlinger on the Marsh Arabs.
If it weren't for the anti-Bush fever abroad in the world, we could all rejoice in these consequences of the war. But that is impossible. I find the case of the liberals terribly sad, when not outrageous. For many years, they've expressed the most intense concern about wetlands: As you know, about the worst thing you can do in America is fill in a swamp.

All my life, from liberals, I've heard "wetlands, wetlands, wetlands."

Saddam Hussein merely destroyed one of the world's largest and most important wetlands. And, thanks to U.S.-led efforts, the Mesopotamian Marshlands are returning.

Bush should get a speck of credit, right (or at least a little slack)? A pipe dream.

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