Jan 12, 2006

My inner Hasselhoff

Cult Icon Hasselhoff

You are Hasselhoff, the Cult Icon. You revel in your enigmatic and confusing popularity – moreso in the positive aspects of it than the confusing or unclear parts. You are the shining star of the world: more specifically, of Germany. Someday, you will be featured in a ticker-tape parade. Someday!

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Via Robbo.

Somewhat related anecdote that just resurfaced from the depths of my brain: A few years ago I was stuck in the Detroit airport for six hours sitting next to a German woman who was headed to LA. About three weeks later, I got a call sometime early in the AM from a strange woman speaking in a heavy accent. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out who it was and what she was saying. It was the German woman from the Detroit airport. And she'd just met David Hasselhoff. It was such a momentous event in her life that she just had to share. Cuz she knew that I wanted to know.

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