Jun 16, 2005

Top ten screwups

Brainster accepts a challenge from Captain Ed and posts his list of the top 10 people who are screwing up America, inspired by Bernard Goldberg's upcoming book, 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken Is #37). I'm sure there are more, perhaps better candidates, but here's ten off the top of my head:

Noam Chomsky: I don't know if anyone listens to him anymore, but he laid the groundwork for the left's America-is-always-wrong mindset.

John McCain: The guy's a hero and I admire his courage, but campaign finance reform is just so wrong.

Pat Buchanan: Loser.

Katie Couric: Her perkiness alone is nauseating, but add her ass-licking interviews with the likes of Kofi Annan to the mix and she's truly appalling.

Al Sharpton: He's raised race-baiting to an art form.

Patrick Leahy, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid: They care about nothing but scoring points off the Republicans.

Ted Kennedy: Sanctimonious sleazeball.

Arlen Spector: Grandstanding poseur, his main purpose in life is to see himself on camera and to maintain his standing with the MSM as a "moderate."

See also Bill at INDC Journal.

Update: Right Wing News polls bloggers for top 20.

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