Jan 3, 2010

I Love Glenn Reynolds

But I can't say I agree with the gist of this post. Are mandatory strip searches by religion extreme? Yes, and we should not implement the idea. But is it reasonable to search people from the countries that have the mode of the people who want to attack us? Absolutely. And if "irritating" someone, especially regarding airport security, leads someone to become a terrorist, I would think they would be well on their way already. And we would have a lot more American terrorists as well. Flying to the U.S. is a privilege, and if we cannot enact even these common sense ideas, we would be better off banning international flights from these countries altogether. Besides, as Glenn likes to point out, video conferencing is always an option.

Glenn, still love ya. But you are dead wrong on this and others will just be dead if we do not take immediate, sensible steps such as the ones the TSA now proposes for focusing on certain countries.

Update: Bill Quick also disagrees with Glenn.

Update II: The profiling of nations.


Rachel said...

I'm not sure it will work, either.

What about some variation on the Israeli model?

Paul said...

We have to have a high level of security and if that means being even more watchful so be it. I would rather do that than have 300 people blown up by a fanatic who skated through lax or ineffective security at some loss=ely operated airport in a nation whose people are very hostile to us !

Holmes said...

I agree, it won't totally work- but it's a step in the right direction. One reason it won't work, as Mark Steyn points out, a lot of the would-be terrorists are now from western countries.

But we should at least put up a few more hurdles for some of these folks.