Feb 10, 2009

This octuplet thing has me baffled

Who paid for the IVF?

Is this covered by Medicaid? Or does this unemployed and/or on disability woman with six kids already somehow have fabulous private health insurance that covers this procedure? Which procedure was, I always understood, kind of pricey. Or can anyone with a womb just walk in off the street and fill 'er up at no cost to herself?


Paul said...

This is very disturbing! This woman has no means to support her children. She seems to be very selfish.

ironrailsironweights said...

She's been taking out all sorts of student loans, well in excess of what she would need for tuition ($50K in loans, CSU Fullerton tuition is $3.5K/year). Perhaps she used loan proceeds for the treatments.


Jonathan said...

Plane crash. The extremely rare event dominates news, but because it's an outlier it should not be used to rationalize new laws. This woman's case is sensational but also probably unique.

Rachel said...

I hope it's unique.

Holmes said...


Not that unique, apparently.