Feb 11, 2009

The bad old days

According to this feature in Women's Day, the average price of eggs in the 1950s (adjusted for inflation) was $5.29 while the median household income was $23,738. By the 1970s, median household income had risen to $44,741 and round steak cost $9.33 a pound.

Nowadays the average price of eggs was $1.78 in the last quarter of 2008--cage free eggs were a whopping $3.05--while the median household income is $58,976. And I can get London Broil on special at Giant this week for $2.49 a pound--$3.49 if I want to shell out for the peppercorn dry rub.

Don't the folks at Women's Day know that we're living in the worst depression since the depression?


Jonathan said...

Good points. People tend to forget this stuff. We live in what people in previous times would have seen as a paradise.

Rachel said...

I was pretty astonished by the cost of food,