Jul 29, 2008

It's Posts Like These...

...That I think are bringing Rachel back to blogging as quickly as she can. So I will continue.

This is a Snickers commercial that was pulled because a homosexual somewhere found it offensive. What? Is there any indication the man in the ad is a homosexual? (via Rightwingnews.com)

This brings me to another important cultural point- why are male homosexuals considered, and apparently considered by themselves, to be effeminate men? Can't you just be gay in a "Brokeback Mountain" kind of way? Tough, rugged, masculine, but gay? Does this suggest that being homosexual is a more of an adopted culture with its own norms for behavior than it is a natural genetic issue? I have no clue. I just like asking questions? I don't think I'm maligning anyone to bring up this issue. I'm quite the libertarian when it comes to public policy and homosexuality. (I hate that I had to write that disclaimer, too. It's like saying "But I have Black friends too..." when talking about race issues.) Privately (posted on a blog?) I think homosexuality is a bad choice and something went terribly wrong in the person's head along the way. But I also think that about people who listen to ABBA.

Update: Right on cue... This should demonstrate that homosexuals do not have a monopoly on being effeminate. It's time we straight males stop letting others pigeonhole us! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find some matching pumps for my eyeliner...

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