Jul 29, 2008

Can someone please explain Fran Lebowitz?

She hasn't actually written anything new since 1981 yet she's perpetually showing up in the pages of publications like Vanity Fair wearing her trademark tuxedo at benefits and parties.

She's like a character out of F. Scott Fitzgerald or Evelyn Waugh, a court jester for the idle rich who sprinkles bons mots at the feet of social x-rays and minor nobles in exchange for invitations to their ski lodge in Gstaad. I suppose she's charting new territory here, as these characters of indeterminate sexuality were generally men.

Their female counterparts earned their keep on their backs, which gave them a shorter shelf life but also included benefits such as expensive jewelry or real estate that they could sock away for their old age. And if they were really, really good at their job they would marry their lovers and hire their own court jesters. Like Pamela Churchill Haywood Harriman.

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