Nov 13, 2007

Vonage: A pack of lousy thieves

In July, I switched from Vonage to Comcast telephone service, effective August 1. As when I switched service from Verizon to Vonage, I was told not to contact my service provider if I wanted to maintain the same number. So I didn't. Comcast took over and I thought everything was done. In September, I noticed that Vonage had continued billing my credit card and I protested.

I come home from California and I get a note from Vonage thanking me for my most recent payment. I call Vonage immediately. Am told I must call back on Tuesday and I will get my money back. I'm now on speaker with Louise from Vonage who insists that she can only give me my November payment back.

We've been on speaker for about 45 minutes as I'm refusing to get off the phone. Louise will only credit back the November bill. She insists she's the last word on these things and that there is no higher power at Vonage HQ.

So, for the record: Vonage got notice in July that Comcast had taken over my number. Vonage continued to bill me. Vonage ignored Visa's request to refund my money. And now Vonage is refusing to pay me my money back though Vonage admits it transferred the number over to Comcast in August. But just because the number isn't administered by them, says Louise, doesn't mean that I wasn't receiving service. So she won't give me my money back. Nor will she transfer my call to someone who can help me.

So Vonage charges people for service whether they provide it or not.

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