Aug 2, 2007

Get your free boobies here matches women who want breast implants with guys who want to help pay for those implants. Actually, maybe it's not so hard to understand what the guys get out of it.
Benefactors ... have direct access to contact the many girls that are seeking help in achieving the physical appearance that they have long desired.

Once you create your account you can choose to buy message credits in several denominations. When you use your credits to send messages to the ladies they earn credit towards their procedures. You can buy credits for as low as $1.20. In addition, you have the option to signup for a monthly membership that gives you 5 message credits per month along with unrestricted access to over 1000 ladies profiles.

In addition to the unrestricted access to all of the female profiles you can also help the ladies by:

* Sending a direct donation to her for her procedure
* Purchase message credits that allow you to send messages to the ladies
* Purchase any personal products the ladies may have for sale
* Receive custom photos of your favorite girls (you may even request specific outfits*)
* and more...

Through these small contributions to the ladies, along with the global power of the Internet, the women of MyFreeImplants are able to reach their goals and purchase the cosmetic surgeries they want.

Also, as a member you can opt-in to receive notifications when ladies profiles are updated with new photos, or even when new ladies signup with the site.

And remember... the best part is seeing the newly transformed ladies after the surgery when they return to the website to post pictures of the results. You can take pride in knowing that you helped her improve her self esteem and self image!
I'm guessing the "and more" provides a bigger motivation than helping to improve a gal's self esteem and self image. It's kind of like a cross between paying for a hooker and getting one of those life-size blow up dolls.

But enough about the motivations. Let's take a look at the before and after photos, shall we?

  1. Cara is perhaps the only woman I can think of who genuinely needs breast implants. Seriously, this procedure should have been covered by her health insurance.

  2. Chele's plastic surgeon did her a grave disservice (scroll down to after pic #3). Breasts really aren't supposed to look as though you've had firm melons attached to your chest.

  3. Morgan's breast tattoo expanded along with her breasts, which is a good thing, since that panther (?) would have looked lost among that vast expanse of flesh. Actually, I only mention Morgan and her tattoo because of a woman I saw the other day at the doctor's office. She most emphatically did not need breast augmentation. Indeed, her bra and stretchy tank top could barely contain her girls. Like Morgan she had a tattoo on her left breast. It said Wilma, so I was surprised when the nurse summoned Tasha and she responded. You don't suppose her right breast was called Fred?

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