May 30, 2007

What's your take on Claire Danes?

I know some people are fanatically devoted to "My So-Called Life" and, by extension, Claire Danes, but I missed that television event--I believe I was living my so-called life at the time--and have always been indifferent to her charms.

Devotees of Claire Danes will love Shopgirl. It's a cinematic paean to Danes who's on camera and in close up 99 percent of the time. We see Danes looking happy, Danes looking pensive, Danes looking catatonic. She doesn't exactly have a pretty face; her nose is too broad and her chin is too long. But it's an interesting face and by the time you're a half hour into the movie you can see how the character has earned the interest of two very different men: A wealthy, older man and a goofy guy her own age.

Shopgirl would have been better if it was shorter. I'd say 30 minutes could easily have been cut from the movie and the voice overs by Steve Martin would have been a good place to start. All they do is state the obvious and interrupt the flow of the movie.

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