Apr 24, 2007

Trailer trash

Virginia Heffernan on the faux trailer.
[N]ow that trailers are wantonly mashed up and recut on YouTube, even the most inane or grandiose effort is potentially the raw material of video art — the gesso and primer of the Final Cut Pro set.

And that set knows the trailer form. They love it. They think in trailers. Who knew how closely the kids of the 80s were studying the blockbuster-era trailers, the ultra-sincere ones, as they waited for “Big,” “Ferris Bueller” or “Field of Dreams” to start?

They clearly registered the portentous voiceovers with their “In a world…” openings. And thus the phrase has been parodied out of existence. (Screens challenge: find any 2007 trailer, even a dubbed one, that begins “In a world…”)

A fine example is here.

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