Apr 17, 2007

Forgiveness and gun control at Virginia Tech

Forgiveness is a topic that came up with the Amish school shooting. Now, Eric looks at a film about a 50-year-old campus shooting that glorifies forgiveness.
Those who want to forgive these criminals want to do more than just forgive them and help them avoid punishment. What really adds insult to injury is something I touched on in an earlier post. Those in the forgiving school don't want people to defend themselves against the shooters. They want everyone disarmed. Then, after people shot, they can lecture the survivors about "forgiveness."

Forgive me if I consider that unforgivable.


Bull Dog Pundit points out that the NY Times has already editorialized in favor of gun control regarding the incident, even though the paper admits that not all the facts are in.

Steve H believes Virginia Tech's gun free policy made the victims sitting ducks.

Via Instapundit.

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