Apr 17, 2007

Don't let your car get stolen

Take it from me, it's a giant pain. I spent most of yesterday gathering up police reports and getting things notarized per the insurance company's instructions. Even though the car was stolen on April 2 and recovered the next day, I couldn't get it picked up until April 13.

In between times, I played phone tag with a couple of police officers, the claims adjuster and others. I was thinking about blogging about the ordeal at the time, but I couldn't bear to recount it.

I found out last Thursday that--in addition to the stereo being taken, the passenger seat being removed and the steering column being broken--the thieves also took the engine and the battery. All the Honda logos were stripped off the car, too. This was actually a break as I was now able to get the insurance company to pick up the car and take it to the salvage yard, a move that saved me from having to drive the 60 miles to Silver Spring, pay off the tow company and then find an insurance-company-approved shop to pick the car up.

The claims people are scheduled to look at it tomorrow. Here's hoping it will be resolved soon.

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