Feb 2, 2007

Boy meets girl, cute

Nice review of Because I Said So, Diane Keaton's latest movie, by AO Scott. Here's the bit that caught my interest:
Milly has two guys, the wrong Mr. Right and the right Mr. Right. See if you can guess which is which. Jason (Tom Everett Scott) is an architect who knows a lot about wine and lives in a sleek modern house in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. When Milly breaks a dish on his patio, he gets very upset. Johnny (Gabriel Macht), his rival, is a guitar player and single dad who shares a cozy bungalow in Venice with his adorable son and his own single dad (Stephen Collins). When a dish breaks in his kitchen, he takes it in stride.

Just once, I'd like to see Hollywood figure out a way for the uptight architect get the girl. Or come up a new type of Prince Charming. I'm sick of the artsy, folksy, soulful guy. Either he works for Greenpeace or some equally "benevolent" organization or he's a down-and-out musician, painter or poet. Or he handcrafts furniture. How about some nice insurance salesman for a change?

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