Jan 12, 2007

Nuns and priests at the movies

Jordana, who's apparently suffering from a devastating case of Turner-Classic-Movies-deprivation syndrome, was tagged with a movie meme that left both her her and her tagger at a loss to come up with movie nuns and priests. Here's my contribution:

  • Favorite movie with a religious theme: Black Narcissus--Deborah Kerr, who also played a nun in Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, leads a group of Anglican nuns to build a mission in the Himalayas but the air is too thin up there. Gorgeous, gorgeous movie.

  • Favorite movie nun: You can keep Julie Andrews. Audrey Hepburn in A Nun's story wins the movie nun title hands down. Sister Luke, who becomes a nun in order to work in a hospital in Africa, struggles with the vows of obedience and pride from the beginning. And then the Nazis come. Audrey is brilliant.

  • Favorite movie priest: Has got to be Spencer Tracy's Father Flanagan in Boys Town. His motto: There's no such thing as a bad boy. Runners up: Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald in Going My Way.

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