Jan 5, 2007

Creatures from the wax museum

A wedding photographer inveighs against Photoshop abuse.
The images of celebrities on the covers of magazines are another source of irritation to me. In most cases the people responsible for creating them have used the Photoshop “heal” tool—or whatever it’s called; I’m not a Photoshop user—so aggressively to smooth away any inhomogeneity in their subjects’ skin that the women (it’s usually women) they depict might as well have been extruded from a rubber mould.

I hate the way the women on those covers look, particularly their skin. It no longer looks like skin. In this photo, for example, doesn't the before look much better than the after? She doesn't look like a living human being in the after. The same thing is true here. It's absolutely creepy.

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photo retouching said...

As a photo retouching artist, I feel his comments are a little excessive. A truly professional retouch artist will improve an image and leave all the skin tones and textures intact. I think what this person is referring to is the complete "hollywood airbrush" which can completely ruin a persons appearance and make them appear animated.