Dec 5, 2006

Bolton resignation: A victory for our enemies

According to Anne Bayefsky, who blames UN insiders for his ouster.
Ultimately, it was his success in defense of American and democratic interests that doomed him. No one was more vociferous in campaigning against his nomination than the defenders of the status quo — Secretary General Kofi Annan, his deputy Mark Malloch-Brown, and their financial backers, George Soros and Ted Turner’s U.N. Foundation. One can be sure they will have broken out the champagne, along with the Russians, Chinese, Sudanese, and the remainder of the Organization of the Islamic Conference — all those who have a vested interest in ensuring a neverending cycle of U.S. money in, support for terrorism and nuclear proliferation out. The reverberations of the departure of John Bolton will be felt for a long time to come.

Bolton's resignation certainly cheers up the wrong people. But I blame GOP leaders who failed to back Bolton's appointment the first time around. Shitheads like George Voinovich and Lincoln Chaffee, who even after he was defeated in Congress proudly proclaimed that he would continue to block Bolton. That just about made his permanent appointment impossible, though some argue that Bush should have tried to renominate him anyway.

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