Sep 15, 2006

Name game

A quiz:

Many people choose different names for themselves when they are involved in entertainment, writing, politics or other public roles. See how many of these questions you can answer about the pseudonyms or pen names that famous people have adopted.

1. Which name did Reginald Dwight create for himself by combining the names of the musicians Long John Baldry and Elton Dean?

2. What pseudonym was adopted by the Italian actress Sofia Scicolone?

3. Which US entertainer, part of Frank Sinatra's "Rat Pack", was originally called Dino Paul Crocetti?

4. Warren Beatty's real name was Warren Beaty - true or false?

5. What name, meaning "man of steel", was taken by the Russian revolutionary Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili on the eve of World War I?

6. Which English-born singer, whose real name was Julie Elizabeth Wells, won praise for her New York debut in "The Boy Friend" and later starred in the films "Star!" and "S. O. B."?

7. What pseudonym was adopted by Jozef Korzeniowski when he wrote such books as "The Mirror of the Sea" and "Youth"?

8. Which writer used the pseudonym "Elia" when he wrote essays for "The London Magazine"?

9. Which American president was originally named Leslie Lynch King but assumed the name of his stepfather when his mother remarried?

10. Which British writer used the pseudonyms Edward Pygge and Dan Kavanagh?

Answers here. I got one wrong: Question 9. How'd you do?

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