Sep 26, 2006

My ideal man


Handsome, rich and dresses like a dream. Problem is, he's dead. So if I'm looking for a long-term relationship, I'll have to look elsewhere.

Look, guys, I know what an alpha male is; I just don't believe in him. From the comments:
The entire notion of alphaness in humans is a simplistic generalization from animals that do have dominance hierarchies. People aren't dogs, mostly don't run in packs, are much less constrained by hierarchies and, when they do have hierarchies, often create ones that have little in common with the top-dog type that is found in nature. This is another way of saying that men and women are attracted to each other for all kinds of reasons and that it's probably a mistake to generalize too much about these things.

Anyway, boy-meets-girl is a sorting process, not a sports competition. If you are male you don't have to defeat all the other males, who may anyway have different selection criteria than you do, you only have to find one female who meets your requirements. The situation for women is not that much different. The process is difficult for many people, yet somehow most people eventually pair off. To characterize it as some kind of rigged game is overwrought.

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