Sep 26, 2006

Alpha and omega men meet Ally McBeal

Man shortage or woman shortage?

Polygamy: Sauce for the goose or the gander?

How dumb was Ally McBeal?

My two cents: With the exception of a very few women who, consciously or not, seem to exclusively hook up with married men, few women are "waiting in line" to catch an alpha male between relationships. What in the hell is an alpha male, anyway? I've never dated one. And I've never dated anyone who could conceivably be called rich.

I see fat men, short men, bald men and tall men walking around with wives in tow everyday. Here's the catch: Their wimmen are fat, short, etc. My 90-year-old grandfather had a girlfriend within a week of his being widowed. And she was rich, too. Less than two years later he married a young chick of 78--girlfriend #4, Gramps being a serial monogamist--this for not-too-terribly prosperous nonagenarian with bad knees.

Some geek masturbating in front of his computer because he can't find a woman who's a cross between Angelina Jolie and Madame Curie may just have to adjust his standards a little to accommodate reality if he's going to get paired up. But I suspect he's not too interested in a mate.

UPDATE: Poor Ron!

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