Aug 1, 2006

Pet peeves

Meme via Terry Teachout.

Grammatical pet peeve. I would have gone with apostrophes, but since Terry already took that one I'll have to say people who "hone" in on something. Runners up: disinterest for lack of interest and notoriety when fame is le mot juste.

Household pet peeve. Dishes left on the counter. Not just any counter, though. In my so-called open plan apartment, the kitchen is separated from the living room by a high counter. How hard is it to place the dirty dish on the lower kitchen counter so that my eyes aren't assaulted immediately upon entering the room?

Arts and entertainment pet peeve. The way certain cable TV channels increase the volume for commercials. I will never, ever patronize your sponsors.

Liturgical pet peeve. Being forced to listen to the clergyman's take on the news of the day.

Wild card. People who take up two--or three--parking spaces in crowded parking lots. I hate you.

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