Aug 1, 2006

Israeli public opinion made short work of cease fire

That's how a democracy is supposed to work.
Ehud Olmert today faces the first real test of his leadership since the outbreak of the war in Lebanon. Will he panic in the face of the international media lynching over the deaths of civilians at Qana, and order a halt to the war, or will he keep his composure and continue with the military action until its political aims are achieved. Ten years ago a panic-stricken Shimon Peres ordered an immediate halt to Operation Grapes of Wrath [after the first Qana disaster]. In the end, the convoluted agreements reached with Hezbollah then were the root cause of the present fighting
Hagai Huberman, Hatzofe newspaper

“I’m staying. I have more chance of winning the lottery than being hit by a Katyusha [missile]. We are suffering too much from Hezbollah. They should get in there, finish the whole thing and get it done once and for all”
Freddy Masika, lottery kiosk operator in Kiryat Shemona

“I think the war’s a necessary evil. It needs to happen to make the border safe. Unfortunately the ‘evil’ is innocents getting hurt. But I blame Hezbollah for that”
Stephen Smith, a broker

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