Jun 11, 2006

Getting started

Today's the day I was going to get started scanning my photos. I've got a million of them--some in albums, some in boxes and some just shoved in nooks and crannies. Naturally I wanted to gather them together before I got started. So I went to the hall closet.

Big mistake.

The hall closet, in addition to being the repository for coats, is where the wrapping paper is stored. It also houses random financial records, photos, out-of-season shoes, scarves, miscellaneous decorations, computer cables, picture frames and whatever else I can cram in there that doesn't fit anywhere else. It's literally packed to the ceiling and packed so tightly that to remove one object requires rejiggering everything in there. So. I pulled out the albums and some boxes of pictures, pulled out two cubes of paperwork and started going through everything.

First I discarded about two years worth of paperwork I no longer need. Then I went through all the pictures I could find one by one. Now I'm sick of the whole enterprise.

Maybe I'll start scanning tomorrow.

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