Jun 9, 2006

A French defense of Guanatamo

Yves Roucaute decries the "poison of anti-Americanism."
The prevalent anti-American propaganda orders us to turn our gaze toward Cuba. Not the actual Cuba, Castro's Cuba - who after having murdered over 100,000 Cubans over a half century, now rules through terror. Not Castro's infamous prisons, where several thousand political prisoners rot away (the officially number is 336). In the scenic program of the politically correct: "the gulag of our times" is American, and Castro's Cuba consists of warm sandy beaches.


With every passing day, anti-Americanism looks more like the opium of the people. The heart of a soulless world from which morality is excluded, the odd reference point for a consciousness lost after the fall of the Berlin wall. If the true power of a Republic resides in its virtue, as Montesquieu once stated, these virtues are measured by the courage to fight for them. Guantanamo represents this courage.

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