Jun 6, 2006

Behind the wheel with Tinkerty Tonk

Via Robert, who got it here.

1. Driver's seat or passenger seat? Driver's. I hate being a passenger. Furthermore, if I am riding in your car, I must sit in the front: I get carsick.

2. What was the first car you owned (could have been purchased by someone else)? A 1970-something Chevy Nova wagon, with a stick shift.

3. What is the first car you paid for yourself? A Dodge Colt.

4. How many cars are currently housed in your place of residence? How many are still operable? Two and two.

5. If money were not a factor, what kind of car would you own? This:

6. If a police investigation was not a factor, what kind of car would you destroy any time you see it? Why? Here, I'll crib directly from Robbo:
All in all, though, I'd most like to set phasers on kill every time I come across another car with its bass cranked up to maximum thumpa-thumpa mode, regardless of its make and model.

If I'm at home with my windows closed I should not be able to hear your music playing five blocks away.

7. Does driving in big city traffic fill your veins with adrenaline or your pants with something a bit worse? As long as traffic is moving, I'm fine. I consider myself to be the calm one in the family when it comes to city driving: I neither swear (too much), nor do my knuckles turn white.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve regarding driving and/or your fellow drivers? The apparent inability of my fellow drivers to see me on the highway. Am I invisible? I see you from a mile away, waiting to enter the highway. Why, then, do you wait until I'm five feet away to get going?

9. What's the most expensive traffic ticket you've ever received (could be monetary or jailtime)? Maybe around $60. My worst traffic/cop experience, though, involved massive parking tickets, a stolen license plate, the city of Newark's finest and a bench warrant.

10. What is the name you've given to your current vehicle (be honest, everyone names their car)? Honestly? I don't.

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