May 12, 2006

Just in time for Mother's Day

Arab intellectuals praise mothers whose sons become suicide bombers.
Ibrahim Z'arour, History Professor at the Damascus University: The mother in our Arab and Islamic history has always sacrificed her children and prepared them for martyrdom. This is rooted in our religion, our culture, in our values, and our upbringing.


The mother is the school that prepares the children and sends them to martyrdom in defense of the homeland. This culture is within all of us. I always see mothers who utter cries of joy when they learn that their sons were martyred in battles in Palestine, in the Golan Heights, or Iraq.


Adnan Kanafani: The mother knows perfectly well that if she does not sacrifice her son, she will never be liberated, or her son's sons, or the homeland, will never be liberated.

When an olive tree is uprooted from its soil, a woman may weep a lot, but she will not weep over the martyrdom of her son, because she believes that he has ascended to a better world, leaving a mark of pride on her forehead.
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