Apr 20, 2006

Why is the Duke rape case a national story?

Of course I know why: The confluence of race and sex is just too juicy for the networks to let pass by.

Still, I was disappointed to see that Brit Hume's show has been devoting a segment a night to the case. Special Report generally confines itself to political stories, which is why I like it. As I recall, the show never even mentioned Natalee Holloway or Scott Peterson during the months those cases were in the center of the spotlight. Interesting also is the pile on by right-wing bloggers. And, of course, the traditional race baiters have stuck their oar in as well.

I have no idea whether a rape occurred or not. But I can predict what will happen in the case. If the accused are found guilty their defenders will say they had an unfair shake, that the prosecuting attorney only went after them to make political points and that the atmosphere was poisoned by political correctness. If the accused are found not guilty, the victim's champions will say that the verdict shows that it's OK to rape a black woman in America, that she was victimized twice--first by the rapists and then by the justice system--and that the defendants' wealth and race shielded them from prosecution.

Apparently, we never get tired of this tired morality play.

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