Apr 4, 2006

Sidney Falco, call your office

What the American military needs in a good publicist, says an Iraqi living in Iraq.
The Insurgents are fighting the Americans in two ways, in the field and in the Medias; The American Forces are doing a great job in the field but the Military Public Affairs are not as good as the soldiers in the field; the insurgents now have websites that10 minutes after every operation they put full details with films or pictures but if you contact the Military Public Affairs you should wait for hours before they release something about it, they should have some people watching those websites and release some thing about it the minute the insurgents release some thing; both sides, the military and the insurgents, are looking for the front page story and this is why the insurgents are putting their story at their website before the military releases any thing, it is a challenge and the Military Public Affairs are not that fast in this.

Via Mrs. Greyhawk.

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