Apr 25, 2006

Shut up and sing

Clive Davis finds a disappointed Neil Young fan who's fed up with Young's puerile political views.
Neil, you need help. Maybe you can find a liberal eight-year old somewhere who could write some more persuasive polemic. We’d all sure appreciate it. Thanks, a lot, for making me unable to ever listen to "Heart of Gold" or "Old Man "or anything else you’ve ever done without thinking of the above insipid and ludicrous Bush-hating, left-pandering garbage. Yeah, you’ll get some headlines out of this — you already have. Is it really worth it?
Coincidentally, I was just reading this Cyndi Lauper interview when I came across this line:
“Homely values,” she spits. “Please don’t confuse me with who got voted in. And don’t blame it on a New Yorker. I didn’t vote for Bush. Nobody in New York voted for Bush.”
Now I can't say I'm as torn up as the Neil Young fan, but I've always sort of liked Cyndi Lauper and now ... not so much. The sentiment, such as it is, is rather unremarkable. And it's certainly not something I haven't heard and shrugged off a million times before, but must she?

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