Apr 25, 2006

It could be worse

You live alone and have a private income!
- A Snapshot of your life as it might have been in 1905

Your parents will send you to a private school and despite the fact that you are bright and enjoy school you�ll leave at 16.

Career Prospects
When you�re young you�ll do some household chores but won�t do any work in the kitchen. When your mother dies you�ll be left the house and a private income and your spinster friend will come to live with you. You�ll believe strongly in the need to improve the quality of food and sanitation for the poor so you�ll join a commission on public health and campaign for improvements.

Leisure Time
You�ll eat your main meal � meat and vegetables - in the evening, except on Sundays. You�ll support the church by sewing kneeler covers, arranging flowers and raising money for charity. You�ll learn the piano and enjoy going to the theatre and musical concerts in the local town. Every week you�ll make time to borrow books from the mobile library that will pass through your village.

Living Conditions
You�ll employ two servants who live in your house but will be unimpressed with the quality of their work.

Marital Relations
You�ll be engaged to a man from the parish but he�ll be killed at war. You�ll never marry which will set you apart from most of your contemporaries.

World War One
When World War One starts you�ll join a women�s auxiliary force and will survive to be awarded a 1914 Star and a bronze Victory Medal.

Via Robert the Llama Butcher.

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