Apr 24, 2006

Imagine spending $9.95

To hear John Lennon's message from beyond the grave.
The producers of a television show claim to have recorded the dead rock star's voice at a seance
THE producers of a pay-per-view television seance that will be broadcast in America tonight claim to have contacted John Lennon from beyond the grave.

Viewers are being asked to fork out $9.95 (£5.60) to hear him deliver a message to the world.

“It’s definitely a voice. It’s a few words,” Paul Sharratt, the British producer of The Spirit of John Lennon, said.

The show comes after Sharratt’s unsuccessful pay-per-view effort to contact the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in 2003 and has provoked outrage among Beatles fans and ridicule from scientists.
If at first you don't succeed and all that.

Thanks to Lisa for the tip.

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