Apr 24, 2006

He'll probably sue on the basis of discrimination

Thanks to new standards being imposed at Yale, the university's token Taliban likely won't be eligible to return to the school next year as a "degree status sophomore," John Fund reports.
For now give Mr. Hashemi and his financial backers at the Wyoming-based International Education Foundation (www.intedfoundation.org) credit for persistence. Ignoring hints that he should "study abroad" next year, Mr. Hashemi and the foundation are forcing Yale officials to rule on whether or not their former prize "diversity" catch still belongs at the university. "He's doing all he can to come back," Mike Hoover, the CBS producer/cameraman who is one of the founders of the IEF, told the Yale Daily News last week. "For him to be a real shaker, it would be great [for him] to have graduated with a degree."

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