Mar 3, 2006

If this guy wins the Oscar, will they applaud his speech?

Hany Abu-Assad, director of Paradise Now, about two Palestinian suicide bombers, says people hate Israelis for a reason.
At the beginning of our talk he demands that when quoting him I would refrain from using the term "terrorist" to describe people sent to explode themselves in buses and markets.

This is an act of terror, but this terror derives from another terror, Abu-Assad explains. Suicide bombings are a reaction to your terror, he says, and suggests the most accurate term to describe a suicide bombing would be "a counter-terrorist act."

The occupiers and the occupation are the real terrorists. The real terror is stealing the Palestinians' right to live free on their land, Abu-Assad claims.
In 1978, Vanessa Redgrave was booed from the stage when she turned her acceptance speech into a pro-Palestinian rant and called protesters outside the theater "Zionist hoodlums."

It will be interesting to see if Hany Abu-Assad tries the same trick. And just as interesting to see Hollywood's reaction.

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