Mar 3, 2006

I hope she hung up on him

Jimmy Carter, America's worst ex-president, calls up Condeleeza Rice to try to convince her to reverse her U.N. ambassador's position on changes to the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Why? To assuage the injured feelings of diplomats from the enlightened nations of Cuba, Egypt and Pakistan, who would apparently prefer that the Human Rights Commission retain its oxymoronic status and take its cue from such stalwarts of human rights as Libya.

And, since maligning the current administration is Carter's favorite hobby after kissing up to dictators, Carter concluded his speech yesterday with a swipe at President Bush and an attack on Israel.
Asked yesterday about his views on religion, Mr. Carter said, "The essence of my faith is one of peace." In a clear swipe at Mr. Bush's faith, and to a round of applause, he then added, "We worship the prince of peace, not of pre-emptive war." Mr. Carter then went on to attack American Christians who support Israel.

He also reiterated his known view that most of the problems in the Israeli-Arab front derive from Israel's settlement policies and its building of a defensive barrier in what he insisted on calling "Palestine."

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