Mar 2, 2006

I don't get it either

Read Jonah Goldberg's take on Crunchy Conservatism. It's brilliant.

As I said before, Crunchy Conservatism seems to be a movement of people who believe in whole grain goodness above all. And I can't stand this fetishizing of food. I like food. I like Whole Foods. I wish I had one near me. But my preference for frisee over iceberg lettuce doesn't make me morally superior.

But it just so happens that some people do see it that way. Overheard at a San Francisco movie theater: "So for lunch I had farm-raised salmon. I mean I don't usually eat it but the guy at the fish counter, who I really trust--I mean he really knows his stuff--assured me that this was OK." Such a tzimmes over a piece of fish! You'd think she left the scene of an accident after striking a pedestrian.

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