Mar 1, 2006

Nostalgie de la video store

I have very little use for the whole Crunchy Con debate. Crunchy Cons are the conservative movement's Bobos or, to coin an earlier term, yuppies. Yuppies who believe in smaller government and free range chicken. I see no point in slicing and dicing the conservative movement into such groups. You like opera, I like bluegrass. Let's call the whole thing off.

But this, courtesy of Lileks, really takes the cake. Who in the hell cares about the death of the mom-and-pop video store? Tough break for Mom and Pop, of course. But very low on the list of priorities.

It's like the death of the family farm--a major concern in the media a decade or so ago. American agriculture and advances in agriculture are among the foremost achievements of the last century. People no longer need to work themselves to an early death on a small plot of land. Instead, farms in just a couple of states can feed the whole country. Feed the world, if needed. And there's still enough room for smart family farmers who concentrate on such luxuries as heirloom tomatoes, organic milk or free-range chickens.

After all, the Bobos and Crunchy Cons have to eat, too.

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