Mar 30, 2006

10,000 at-risk men

Versus five women. A bad mate/date registry, sent along by reader BobH. From a marketing newsletter:
IF THE SHOE FITS: If you know any woman trying to find the "right" man, you've probably heard your fill of horror stories. Now, five women who've been through it all are marketing their collective wisdom via a group they call "ManReaders." Based in Philadelphia, these five culturally diversified, contemporary, and witty women (Their words, not ours, although we ARE impressed with their self-confidence) are dead serious about teaching others how to stop wasting time on guys with what they call "pre-existing" issues. (Ed: Umm, doesn't that include, like, EVERY guy?) According to their release, 'The group has developed the first Men's Reference Registry where women can check a man's references before investing more time in no-win situations. This information is submitted by other women who were previously involved with these men through either dating or marriage.' (Ed.: I just got a chill.) Love it or hate it, the idea is a good one. And we're gonna have to sign up with (anonymously, of course), just to see which angry ex has ripped us a new one online. The wait alone might kill us.

Let the comments begin. Peter? Tatyana?

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