Jan 19, 2006

Women's studies expert charged with prostitution

Life after academia.
In more than a decade of academic work, Brandy M. Britton earned a doctorate in sociology from the University of California at San Francisco, established an expertise in women's studies and founded the Institute for Women and Girls Health Research out of her Ellicott City home.

Howard County police allege that she also ran another business from her tidy beige house: a prostitution service with hourly rates of $300 and up.


In 1999, Britton lost her job at UMBC and filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the university. In dismissing the suit, which is on appeal, a federal judge in Baltimore cited complaints about Britton from UMBC students and colleagues, and an accusation by the National Institutes of Health that Britton falsified data on a federally funded research project.

After losing her job, Britton directed the Institute for Women and Girls Health Research Inc., under her home address and one on St. Paul Street in Baltimore, according to Web sites. Britton also participated in meetings of a committee of the Maryland Drug Treatment Task Force, chaired by then-Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.

I'm sure she was just conducting research.

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