Jan 18, 2006

Liberals aren't my friends

Bill Quick jettisons a so-called friend after one too many gibes.
I got the latest in a series of insulting - and I mean personally insulting - emails from a "friend" who reads Daily Pundit every once in a while. He is a writer, a guy I know personally, who lives in the SF Bay Area, and with whom I have worked on projects.

But for some reason this latest elecronic missive was the straw that broke the camel's back. He's a lefty moonbat through and through, suffused with the echo-chamber smugness and stupidity common to the breed, who is blind to the notion that those less "enlightened" than he might take offense at his personal assaults. After all, those he assaults are conservatives, libertarians, and other intellectual and political trash who, in his view, should probably be grateful he speaks to them at all.

Instead of pretending to enjoy the repartee, I simply emailed him back and said, "We aren't friends. Let's stop pretending that we are. From here on out, you're in my bozo bin. Don't bother to reply."
I've had a couple of near run-ins with a friend's husband. In fact, the last time I was there my friend forbade her husband from bringing up politics. He definitely does the baiting thing. Outside of that, no problems. Although I must say I never discuss politics with certain people and in certain venues--library school, for example. There's no point. They aren't interested in listening.

UPDATE: Omri on friends of friends
who, armed with a New York Times editorial but lacking the basic grace not to discuss politics at dinner, insist on having 'debates' about the Israeli-Arab conflict. And inevitably, the conversation devolves into us having to explain that, no matter how much they believe Noam Chomsky, it is simply not the case that Israel murders tens of thousands of Palestinians a year. but lacking the manners which would inhibit friends - for reasons genuinely beyond our abilities to reason - often try to engage us in 'debates' about the Israeli-Arab conflict.

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