Jan 25, 2006

Outwitting the morality police

Tehran's fashionable fundies find ways around the regime's dress code.
Mona carefully applies a layer of shocking pink polish, the aptly named Girl About Town by MAC, to her best friend Tina's nails, while James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' plays in the background on the Viva satellite music channel. She smiles, the diamond planted in one of her side teeth sparkling briefly: 'We're ready to go!' While Tina throws on a flimsy vest, tying a belt round the middle to make the most of her tiny waist, Mona covers her highlighted hair with a transparent chiffon scarf and adds another coating of lipgloss. Both are in knee-length skirts and high heels. Mona shoves two pairs of jeans under her arms, 'Just in case we need to get out of the car.'

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