Jan 25, 2006

Gore v. Clinton in the runup to 2008?

Apparently the gang at HuffPo is all for it.
The groundswell that it would take to bring Mr. Gore into the race is already building. Ms. Huffington’s influential Hollywood-liberal Web site, the Huffington Post, has grown increasingly hostile to Mrs. Clinton, with Ms. Huffington herself attacking the former First Lady head-on and passing along the “buzz” that Mr. Gore could be the “anti-Hillary.” For Ms. Huffington, this is something of a shift: Mr. Gore wasn’t exactly her self-actualized ideal in 2000.

“You should see the stuff I wrote about him in 2000,” she told The Observer. “I was not a fan.” She wrote in “none of the above” on her ballot that year.

Now, Ms. Huffington is as enamored of Mr. Gore as she is disgusted with Mrs. Clinton. She likes his sharp critique of the Bush administration, and the fact that he offers a forceful alternative on national security. What’s more, she sees in him a transformed man—“and I know something about transformations.”

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