Jan 11, 2006

Could you defend yourself? Would you?

I was lying on the couch watching this and I thought I detected an opening wherein the girl could have kneed the guy in the groin. And then I thought: "Who are you kidding? That guy would probably slit your throat before you even figured out what was going on."

Someone once knocked me down and snatched my purse. It happened so fast that I didn't have a chance to react.

I reacted a little better the second time, however. I was in Port Authority and had missed the last bus, meaning I'd have to wait about three hours. I had just gotten into an argument with someone and was steaming mad. Missing the bus had done nothing to improve my mood; I'd also had a couple of drinks. As I was fuming, two guys came up to me and tried to grab my purse--there was no cop around; this was before Giuliani time. I just started screaming at them. Not screaming for help, mind you. Screaming at them. At the time it seemed like the last straw, the bitter end to a bad evening. So I gave them a piece of my mind. The would be muggers were so surprised that they gave me back my purse and ran away.

I wasn't thinking too clearly in either case.

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