Jul 28, 2005

This has gone too far (revised)

Why should someone have to explain this? Of course they should profile people whose bags they're going to search. In the airport as well as on the subway. Not to do so is sheer stupidity. Honestly, if we in the West are this blind, maybe we deserve to die.

Endlessly wanding my 69-year-old mother because her titanium knee makes the buzzer go off--for which she has a certificate that she carries with her--makes no sense whatsoever. The woman can't even open a jar, for crissakes. And the casserole carriers prolly aren't too much of a threat either.

I'm certainly not the only person who feels this way. What is with the idiotic politicians--and here I include Bush as well as Bloomberg--who are so afraid of violating PC codes that they put all of us in danger? Muslims who aren't part of the death cult are just as concerned about being killed by terrorists as the rest of us. And as for the professional grievance mongers, let 'em squawk.

Even the normally unflappable Brit Hume loses his customary objective composure on the subject. Wednesday night, Mort Kondracke came out in favor of profiling and then he went into this song and dance about doing it with "sensitivity" to Muslim feelings. Apparently Brit couldn't take anymore. He interrupted and said, in quite a peevish tone: "Mort, I've been searched at airports ... and they weren't particularly sensitive. And you know what? I didn't mind."

Just so.

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