Jul 26, 2005

Muslims fear Muslims

Ahmad at Iraqi Expat lives in London. He says that he's felt like he's been "under suspicion" since 7/7 and he feels suspicious of his fellow Muslims.
I have met many Iraqi Muslim friends this weekend, and most of them expressed how uncomfortable they feel when they see a Muslim or an Asian in a bus or in a train. A friend of mine was in the tube last week when a bearded Muslim boarded that tube, and everyone, including my friend, felt unsafe. The bearded Muslim, suddenly, started yelling "Allah o Akbar" for no reason, and everyone in that carriage, including my friend, ran away from him.

Another friend got off a bus two stations before the destination and walked because there was a bearded Muslim on the bus and felt unsafe. There is a reason why Muslims feel under suspicion, you know?!

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